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Cool Homemade Mr. Potato Head Costume

I thought of the Mr Potato Head costume over a year ago. The concept was simple enough and the actual build from obtaining materials to finished project took about 4 nights of work.

The majority of materials used for this costume were all purchased at the local Home Depot. It consisted of two tomato tower cages,a roll of chicken wire,electrical wire connectors, premixed wall paper paste, brushes, poster paints, newspaper, brown butcher paper, zip ties, and scrap foam collected from packing materials at work along with some bailing wire and of course Duct tape to help hold it together. A piece of old panty hose or gauze for the view port will be needed as will a heavy duty pair of wire cutters and crimpers.

You begin by cutting the tomato cages down one side with the wire cutters or a hack saw. Open them up and connect the two cages by crimping them together with the wire connectors. Cover the connections with duct tape to prevent snagg areas. Next fold the top wires over to form the crown of the head and connect them down. Cover the entire frame with the chicken wire held on with the zipties making sure to fold over the sharp cut ends of the chicken wire.

After the frame is made place it over the person who will wear it and mark and open two arm holes and duct tape the edges of the hole so it is smooth. Use the brush to coat newspaper with paste and cover the entire surface with the paper. Let this sit over night till dry. Before the next step place the structure on and cut an eye hole in the surface and tape a piece of panty hose in place to make a view port to see out of. Next do the same surface coating with the brown butcher paper and paste. Texture and color differences are OK since it is supposed to be a potato. Let this dry.

Use the scrap styrafoam to make the facial features and if you want make a handlebar mustash out of poster board and black felt. I made large pink ears but didn’t use them on this model since I was going to wear it in close quarters and didn’t want them to be in the way. The face was held in place with the bailing wire pushed through the foam and twisted inside the shell after poking holes in the paper with a nail. A hat was also made using a plastic wash tub and cardboard brim wiht duct tape band.

A pair of white long johns under shorts and a black T shirt and white garden gloves and my hunting boots completed the look.

Mr. Potato Head Costume - Making the Frame

Mr. Potato Head Costume - the face

Mr. Potato Head Costume - putting on a second layer of paper

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