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Coolest Lobster Dinner Family Costume

This Lobster Dinner family costume was very simple to make and got lots of laughs.

We dressed up our 10-month old baby as a lobster. The base of the costume for her is a pair of red pajamas. I used foam paper to make crustacean claws and stripes across her belly – just used tape to affix it to her body and wrists (easier to do before she was wearing the pajamas). I used sparkly red pipe cleaners for tentacles on both her body and head. The head was made from a red hat. I took ping pong balls, drew on an eyeball and poked holes in each one, stringing the pipe cleaners through the balls and onto the hat.

We then got bibs from Legal Sea Foods, and brought with us a nut cracker and tongs.

Most importantly, we carried our baby around all night in a stock pot – it was just the right size to keep her nestled in there safely and comfortably.

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