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Cool Mother and Baby Costume Idea: Lobster Stew and Chef

My baby was 6 weeks old for his first Halloween, and it was only my second ever Halloween in the USA (I grew up in a country where Halloween wasn’t really celebrated, yet we saw all the “trick or treat” stuff on TV, so I was making up for lost time!). I wanted to do something a little more fun and creative than just buying a costume off the rack, but with a newborn, I didn’t have much spare time. I found a commercially made infant lobster costume on Craigslist for $5, then placed a cushion in the bottom of my giant stockpot for comfort & plonked the baby in. For my costume, I just wore black pants, white shirt & black apron that I already had, and made a chef’s hat by attaching some tissue paper to a band of cardboard.  Hubby didn’t end up dressing up, but my plan for him was a lobster bib and a knife & fork!

Everybody loved us. Luckily the baby fell asleep in the pot (I imagine I might have got a few “bad mother” looks if he’d been screaming in there!), and everyone goo’d and gaa’d at how cute he was. His name is Stuart (Stu for short), so we got lots of “lobster stew” jokes.

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