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Coolest Homemade Rock Lobster Costume

I was tired of all of the stereotypical costumes we see every Halloween, so I decided to go the funny route this year and create a homemade rock lobster costume. I came across a picture of a baby costume that was a lobster in a pot and decided that I was going to make a modified adult version of this costume. I started my purchasing inexpensive red “Halloween costume material”, which is what it is classified as at the fabric store. It is kind of a cheap velvet-ish material.

I made the lobster tail by cutting the basic lobster tail shape out of the material and sewing the edges together. I then cut up wire hangers and laid two straight pieces of wire down the length of the tail so I would be able to give it a curved shape when I was finished. I stuffed the tail, sewed it shut and added two pieces on the front that I could put my arms through and tie in the front to act as a kind of vest to keep the tail on.

The rest of the costume was a piece of cake. I found an old corset and safety pinned the material to the inside of it and trimmed the edges. I made a just-above-the-knee length simple tube skirt out of the material and used a piece of thread to make a pull on one side to give the skirt some shape. I then made tube shaped leg warmers out of the same material and finally glued two large black pom-poms and two red pipe cleaners to a headband.

The claws were made by cutting the material into claw shapes, leaving the bottoms open so they could be worn like gloves and stuffing them. The stuffing was left slightly loose so the hand could fit around the inside curve of the claw, allowing for full hand function. I was the coolest crustacean at the ball.

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