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Coolest Lighthouse Costume

Last summer we visited the Absecon Lighthouse in Atlantic City and my 5 year old son’s obsession with lighthouses began. He told me for Halloween he wanted to be that lighthouse.

I first had to figure out what would give that shape, so I purchased a collapsible mesh hamper from Walmart and covered it with felt (black & white). I then went to the party store and bought a large black plastic bowl, a wooden birdhouse feeder and painted it black, a battery operated strobe light velcroed in the birdhouse, at the craft store I bought a white picket fence and painted that black as well & hot glued it to the edge of the bowl.

The closest thing I could find to seagulls were white doves that I painted to make it look more like a seagull. People stopped my son and asked to take his picture and have their picture taken with him!!

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