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Coolest Lego Cop DIY Halloween Costume

This Lego Cop DIY Halloween Costume was by far the funnest costume that I’ve made so far! I started from the head to the toe. I used pre cut Styrofoam for the head. One whole circle piece for the top and 2 hollow circles for the neck (different sizes- SM bottom, LG top). I attached the top of the head with the neck together using yellow posterboard. Before you attach the poster board, go ahead and color your face on it! I used mesh fabric to go over the mouth on the inside so he could see.

For the very top of the head, I used two small Styrofoam circles and covered them with yellow duct tape. The rest of the head (Styrofoam) was covered with the remaining yellow posterboard. I used Velcro to hold all the pieces together.

Next I used black foam board for the body. I measured a mini Lego man and scaled it up to size for his body. I cut it out and secured it on all four edges with black duct tape. Cut out a hole for the head and the arms. I used silver posterboard for his buttons and sheriff badge.

For the hands I cut out circle Styrofoam and used yellow duct tape to completely cover it. Then I cut out a circle only big enough to slide his hand through. I attached posterboard to make a tube that goes through the hole of the Styrofoam for his hand to fit into. He wore a black long sleeve underarmour shirt that was tight around his wrists to keep the hands on!

To make the feet, we just cut out a shoe box using black foam board and secured it with duct tape. Just like the hands, I cut out a circle big enough for his foot to fit through and a black piece of posterboard to fit inside that hole to keep it on his leg. He wore black baseball pants, again to keep the shoe boxes in place.

This costume was such a hit while trick or treating and at the after party at our community club house. While trick or treating everyone was pointing saying “look at the Lego man”! He definitely enjoyed all the attention. He won the costume contest for his age also!! We had a blast. Such an original idea that everyone was amazed by!

Homemade Lego Cop DIY Halloween Costume

Homemade Lego Cop DIY Halloween Costume

Homemade Lego Cop DIY Halloween Costume

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