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Coolest Leather Back Turtle Costume

Dear Friends,

We are all aware that due to indiscriminate industrialization, lot of pollutants are generated. Oceans are one of the important part of environment. The marine life is in danger due to this high degree of pollution. Our school wanted to spread awareness about the harmful effects of pollution and in the quest we stumbled upon idea of showcasing rare marine species. To make this idea attractive, our school brought out fancy dress idea.

My parents and I decided to dress up like a turtle. We did not need any more information about turtles as National Geographic and Animal Planets are the most watched channels at my home. We bought five handmade craft papers, one hemispherical shaped basket made of Bamboo, 3’ X 3’ soft fabric used for soft toys, two buttons resembling eyes and some fiberfill. I pasted the paper on the basket after cutting them in proper shape.

My parents helped me in stitching gloves, socks to make up for hind legs and a small tail. And my costume (Turtle) was ready. The leather look of paper made my turtle look like a Leather Back Turtle which one of the rare species.

I could put on and take off the costume very easily. The crawling turtle was most fascinating animal in the school yard. Off course, I stood first in the competition as well. now it is your turn. Best of Luck.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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