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Coolest Homemade Turtle Costumes for Halloween

Get inspired by nature’s beautiful marine creatures in this awesome collection of homemade turtle costumes. Make them super detailed or try a simple and easy ensemble. Either way, dressing up as a turtle is appealing for all ages. Discover the techniques in constructing your best DIY costume from the tips and tricks here.

Turtles may crawl at a glacier’s pace but do not underestimate these awesome aquatic animals.  Learn how to craft an unbelievably cool shell for a unique costume piece. Customize it for an exact fit. It’s infinitely more personal and cheaper than a store bought costume.

In addition, you can raise awareness of pollution effects on marine animals. Check out the homemade costume made as part of a school program. Make it your mission to educate while you trick or treat.

So, slow and steady wins the race this Halloween. Browse this section and try one of these incredible homemade turtle costumes!