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Coolest Homemade Turtle Costume

This is my son Max (3 yrs) as Franklin , Noggin’s TV character that originates from the popular children’s books.

To create the turtle shell I blew up a balloon and covered half of it with papier-mache found at the craft store. Once it hardened I popped the balloon and had a hollow shell.

I then cut out a ring of heavy cardboard using the size of the balloon as a template. I papier-mached the ring and balloon shell together to create the turtle shell. I painted the turtle patterns with acrylic paint.

I then added straps that were stapled on so he could carry it on his back like a backpack. I bought a large footsie pajama (size 5 so he could wear his jeans and sweatshirt underneath). I cut out the bottoms and added elastic straps so he could wear it around his sneakers.

For the belly of the turtle I cut out a pattern with felt and sewed it on by hand. The bandana was store bought and he already had a baseball cap to complete his costume!

Turtle Costume

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