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Coolest Blue Turtle Costume

My daughter had to dress up as her favorite character from a book for literacy week at school. She chose the book “Because a Little Bug Went Kachoo” and wanted to be the turtle. She wanted the turtle to be blue.

So for her Blue Turtle costume I took a wire wreath frame and covered it in batting to form the shell and then covered that in fabric. I added decorative trim to the edge. For the part of the shell that rested on her back, I cut a cardboard circle and covered that in the same fabric. I stapled the fabric to the cardboard. I then stitched the two pieces together.

For the belly, I stitched strips of fabric together that were in different shades of blue. I then cut the strips to a tank top shape. I added loops of fabric to the shell and the belly and tied the two pieces together. She received a lot of compliments.

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