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Coolest Homemade Sea Turtle Costume

We had an Under the Sea themed party at my school. I came up with this Homemade Sea Turtle Costume idea because I already had the sweatshirt and the pants that I’d used for a frog costume for Halloween. For the shell, I stuffed my book bag with clothes. I took one of my husband’s old hoodies, that he doesn’t fit anymore, and put the straps of the book bag through the sleeves of the hoodie, then hand-sewed the tops and bottom shut.

Then I drew shell patterns on the back of the hoodie. I used face-paint mixed with foundation to paint my face and eye shadow for the spots on my forehead. The front of the “shell” is a piece of felt cut into an oval with the ribbing drawn on with a marker. Though I was aiming for Sea Turtle, since I couldn’t figure out how to do fins, I got a lot of references to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles thrown my way. I was OK with that, though. Close enough.

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