Coolest Last-Minute Batgirl Costume

Some acquaintances of mine held a party to raise money for a charity. They decided upon a superhero theme, since “we are all superheroes, donating to help others out.” Whatever the excuse to dress up and drink is, I tend to show up.

However, last minute, some of my close friends backed out of going. I still really wanted to go, knowing I’d have a good time. I threw this Last-Minute Batgirl Costume together right before I left.

I wore a black athletic top, a black flared-out skirt, black gloves, black tights, and black shoes. Easy enough.

For the Batman logo, I just took some old yellow material and hand-drew and colored the Batman symbol with a permanent marker. That was literally safety-pinned on since I had no time to sew. However, despite this, almost everyone thought I just happened to have a Batman tank top that I used.

The cape was an old black fitted sheet. It was very roughly cut; I didn’t sew anything. Part of the elastic was cut so I could just tie the cape around my neck. It actually made a pretty cool cape because of all the excess fabric that hung down.

Overall, everyone was pretty impressed and I didn’t have to spend a dime. If I were to actually use this for something else, I would find a black tank top I’d be willing to sew the Batman emblem on as well as a Batgirl mask of some sort.

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