Katy Perry: I bought a 3 pack of small men’s undershirts (I only ended up using 2). I made my dress out of the shirts by cutting off the bottom of one of the shirts and adding it to the bottom of a shirt. Add depending on the length you like. Then I used a special hemming glue to attach the extra length.

Then I bought foam craft balls which I cut in half and painted. I chose to follow the traditional colours pink, blue, and yellow. I did 6 of each colour but you can do more if you like. Hot glue the balls onto the shirt. Then I added a pink wig! Easy!

People loved this costume.

Russel Brand: This costume is super easy. Just buy a messy wig and find some dark, tight clothes. Jewelry will help! Add eye liner to eyes and mascara to create interesting facial hair and you are good to go.