I made all 3 Jem and the Holograms Girls Group Costume and used 1 red vinyl trench coat, a few yards of thin silver material, some silver trim string and a hot glue gun. We ordered the wigs, shoes, and a set of blow up band instruments. I also scored a really cheap set battery less portable speakers downloaded Jim and the Holograms songs from YouTube taped speakers to the back of my guitar and had my iPod in my pocket playing songs.

JEM- first I cut the vinyl jacket in to 2 pieces at the waist after removing the inner lining of the jacket. I used the bottom half to cut out the shape of the belt  then hot glued send silver material (left over from the Shana costume) over the top. The blue is felt hot glued on. Silver fringe cost about 2 dollars already setup just measured out and cut hot glued underneath the silver material. I bought a pink silk robe at second hand store that I trimmed the sleeves and used the extra material to sew on the sides to make long enough to be a dress.

Kimber- use acrylic paint to paint the red jacket white bought red ruffle trim to sew around the collar and in the sleeve. A pair of Capri jeans.

Shana- use the inside lining of the trench coat as my pattern for silver material to make silver jacket. Bought a purple dress sowed a piece of elastic up the middle to make the Rouge look

Raya- found the floral shirt at a second hand shop Bob gray leggings material paint and stencil and painted matching flowers. Spray painted belt and shoes to match. Also found a jean vest that I trimmed short use rest of the material to create a bow tie.