Coolest Jem Costume

I chose to be the 80s cartoon rocker “Jem” of Jem and the Holograms for Halloween. It was a fun costume and really stood out in a crowd.

For the dress – I took a hot pink blazer that was many sizes too big for me. It was long enough on me to work because it fell on my legs to a good skirt length for Jem. I sewed the arms in (since they were so big) to have a tighter fit on my arms. The jacket closed together overlapping in the front just like Jem’s so it worked perfectly. I secured it with Velcro.

For the belt, I took silver fabric and cut it out into the shape of Jem’s belt using a pattern that I hand drew on a large piece of stiff paper first. I then cut out smaller pieces out of a blueish purple fabric and sewed them on to be the details of the belt. I then hand sewed pieces of a silver craft string/rope to be the tassel part on the belt. I used Velcro for closure in the back to keep it on my waist.

For my makeup I used a pink eye shadow and put it on my face to look like Jem’s makeup.

For my earrings (my favorite part!) I took a cheap pair of light up earrings from a party store and covered them (using a hot glue gun) with glittery pink craft foam that I cut into the desired star shape to capture the effect of Jem’s special earrings!

This Jem Costume looked really cool and won me first prize at the party!

Coolest Jem Costume

Coolest Jem Costume - My light up earrings

Coolest Jem Costume

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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