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Coolest Jaeger Bomb Homemade Couple Costume

This is a Jaeger Bomb Homemade Couple Costume. The Red bull can was made from metallic wrapping paper hot glued to a pop up hamper with the bottom cut out. I blew up a picture of a Red Bull can and traced it on the wrapping paper. Then cut it and glued it on the can. I used a strong clear plastic for the straps. The hat was just a cardboard circle covered with more wrapping paper and a circle to fit my head.

The Jaeger bottle is craft felt cut to form a square and added straps for the shoulders. I then glued on the blown up label and covered the whole thing with plastic to make it look like glass. The hat is cardboard cut to fit around an old baseball hat with the bill cut off. Then I used green spray paint and a liner from an old cookie tin for the top.

Most items where found around the house. I think I only spent $15 for both costumes!

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  1. How did you cover it in plastic? Which kind/where did you secure it?? I’m using this for a J party!! So Cool! Thank you!


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