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Original Jager Bomb Couple Costume

This Homemade Jager Bomb Couple Costume is the best couple costume ever. The Jager costume was made by PVC pipe and then wrapped with green fabric all the way around. It stayed in place because it was hot glued on all the posts. The Jager sign was a poster that we just cut out the bottle from it. The cap was a simple chefs hat from Walmart that we wrapped with black felt. After it was wrapped we cut slits in it.

The Red Bull dress was out of silk fabric. The silver was the base and it went around all the way. The blue was cut into slanted boxes and hot super glued on. The letters and bull were cut out of felt and simply hot glued on. The girl’s outfit was made by the guy while she was wearing it for a perfect fit. What a nice guy! Then a head band was used to old up the poster that was covered in the same fabric as the dress to make it look like a tab. The accessories are the red bull can and Jager bottle both filled with Jager Bombs!!

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