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Cool Ice Cream Cone Costume

I originally got this idea for a Homemade Ice Cream Cone Costume from this website and then just made it my own in a couple of areas. I bought a couple yards of pink and brown sation fabric and asked my mother-in-law to sew them together. She bunched them with elastic at the top, the bottom, and in the middle where the two “flavors” met. She lined the suit so that we could stuff crinoline between the liner and the satin and puff it up a bit. She also made me flesh colored leggings, but you can always buy these at the store.

I then bought acrylic brown paint, and painted on the waffle cone pattern. My cherry hat is a Styrofoam ball, wrapped in sequined red fabric. I looped some white ribbons at the bottom to create a “whipped cream” effect, and then hot-glued it to a headband. Then I simply wore a white shirt (could be your vanilla ice cream layer, or the whipped cream!). To make it even cuter, I made one for my 1 year old so that we matched.

Homemade Ice Cream Cone Costume

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