We go camping a lot in the summer and we always get an ice cream cone. My son decided he wanted an Homemade Ice Cream Cone with Sprinkles and Cherry Top Costume. I took 2 -4 foot pieces of heavy cardboard stock and cut them into a v-shape. Then, using brown markers, drew lines slightly vertically to make it look like a sugar cone. I then sprayed Elmers glue on it and sprinkled sand on it for the sugary look.

The ice cream part was also easy. I glued craft batting onto a tee-shirt (front and back, in the shape of a scoop of ice cream. This way, all he had to do was slip on the shirt and it was an instant costume. I attached the batting to the cone with industrial glue so it was all 1 piece. I then took pipe cleaners in 5 colors and cut them into 2 inch pieces (these were the sprinkles). After all was dry, I actually used real nut topping and glued in on to the ice cream.

Lastly, I painted his face red and we used a red hat on his head with a pipe cleaner coming out of the top for the “cherry on top”. This was the biggest hit at the campground. He had his picture taken so many times, we hardly had time to actually trick or treat.

Actual cost was about $3.00 for the glue.