Coolest Hulk Hogan Costume Idea

Hulkamania was running wild on Halloween in Houston /2013. I have wanted to do this costume for many years, finally happened. I am 37, so I grew up watching Hulk Hogan. He is the most famous wrestler in my opinion. Took Hulkamania to a festival in Houston (something wicked), had a blast. Hulkamania was recognized by many, mostly the older crowd. Definitely a fun costume. Met a lot of new people and took a lot of pics. You can not go wrong Hulk Hogan costume on Halloween.


Purchased items:

  • boots (I was going to try and make boots, but nothing looked quit right, glad I spent the extra cash and got the boots)
  • shirt,
  • bandana,
  • shades($5),
  • boa ‘s
  •  Jogging pants were from a thrift store and the wrist bands were made from an old tshirt and stapled on.
  • Stash was real, painted white/yellow used a little of the wife’s bronzer on my face to get a little more color.

Hulkamania will never die………….

Coolest Hulk Hogan Costume Idea

Coolest Hulk Hogan Costume Idea

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