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Coolest Homemade Wedding Family Costume

We really wanted to be a family costume, and this Homemade Wedding Family Costume gave me a chance to wear a white wedding dress (mine was traditional red and gold). The 3 tier cake is hand sewn felt with ribbon trim (and cardboard structural support underneath). The priest is simply felt collar sewn on a little turtleneck. I had the pants and blazer already.

Cross was cardboard and foil. He doesn’t realize he is in a costume. Too bad the toddler didn’t inherit the temperament of his costume! My Husband wore his own tux (easy) and I got my dress on eBay for $1. I nearly had to take out a rib to zip it up. It is quite an ugly dress, and I am embarrassed/insulted when people ask me if it was my actual wedding dress. My daughter wanted to be a cupcake at first, but wedding cake was an easy sell.

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