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Coolest Homemade Volcano Halloween Costume

My son is fascinated by volcanoes and wanted a homemade volcano Halloween costume. Luckily this site was a very helpful resource. As some of you may be aware: you can’t buy a volcano costume.

The fabric store nearby had a huge sale on fleece and felt, so we bought enough brown fleece to make a child-sized tube, and some red and yellow felt for flames and lava. My mom (the sewer) stitched up the tube and sewed two casings at top and bottom. We threaded a big shoelace through the top casing for a draw-sting neckline. We threaded medium-gauge wire through the bottom casing to make the bottom hoop. I cut armhole slits out near the middle.

For the fiery crown, I found a fire image on the Internet that I blew up and used as a pattern for the red and yellow felt. I cut out flame shapes and used craft glue and a glue gun to place them on a red felt headband, which I sealed with adjustable sew-on Velcro.

The lava was free-form. I cut red felt into somewhat comical-looking drip shapes, then stitched them lightly around the volcano’s neckline. This was not only a fun costume, it was a warm one– no jacket was required on Halloween night.

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