Having read on the news about the threatened air bases in Scotland I decided on a homemade transforming Sea King helicopter Halloween costume idea for my sons Halloween School Disco.

I started by going to the recycling center to get cardboard and other items to make this. I then sketched a draft of what I thought it might look like. I then started to make the costume by bending the cardboard into shape to make the front and using a glue gun I started to join all the bits together until it resembled the body. I then got an old back pack and glued it to the body of the helicopter, measured the size of cardboard I needed for the sides and also started to make the propeller. I used old socks to allow the sides to go on my child’s arms. I also added a motor and battery pack that allows the propellers to rotate.

I painted the inside of the sides blue and on the outside of helicopter I started to put side pods on by using kitchen towel tubes and plastic bottles, I then painted the body and sides yellow. After the paint had dried I added detail using black paint and permanent markers, I also added 15 LED flashing lights to give it the wow factor.