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Coolest Homemade Tornado Halloween Costume Idea

For this homemade tornado Halloween costume idea I wanted to use one of those tall bushel baskets as the frame, but ended up with a tomato cage. I cut it open, so it could be held opened while he stepped into it.

I was going to cut out spots for his arm, but on my original ‘try on’, he just grabbed onto a metal ring and we decided he would carry it like that – at least for the school parade. Once we went trick-or-treating I cut the arm holes out. I wrapped the cage with the cotton batting used in quilts. I then glued that lose batting all over it with a hot glue gun. I later thought I would of rather gotten that spider webbing sold at Halloween to just stretch it all over as this was a lot of work!

We then spray painted it with black and gray paint. Then I glued all kinds of stuff all over the place – animals, trains, boats, houses… He did win at school! But when we went trick-or-treating, it fell apart so bad! The glue just did not keep the cotton on and then the weight of the figurines just pulled it off!

Had one mom say “hay, a tornado leaves things in it’s path, right?” so we all got a laugh out of that! Oh and I picked a tomato cage for the shape of it! But once it was all put together, it never kept that funnel shape…

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