Coolest Homemade Tin Man Costume

13 Months ago when I came up with the brilliant idea to go to Disney in Florida for Halloween, the stipulations were all people going had to dress up. I came up with the idea of going as the Wizard of Oz cast. We had 6 adults and 5 children. Perfect.

All childrens costumes had to be hand made seeing how they were the main characters. My husband being a plumber said he wanted our son to be the tin man. So the Homemade Tin Man Costume is made out of sheet metal.

Full chest armor with legs and arms attached with springs for a little flexibility. The sheet metal was trimmed in auto detailing strips so not to cut into the arms or legs. Sheet metal was in great shape and needed very little preparation. The hat is an actual funnel used for changing oil. Opted for the heart instead of the ax or actual oil can.

We got stopped several times by random people at Disney and even Disney workers for our pictures. I stopped counting at 78 random people just wanting their picture with the tin man. We were the only group of people that dressed as a theme and the Wizard of Oz at that. The three moms were the witches of the East and West and the three fathers were flying monkeys.

This is a vacation I will never forget. Enjoy the pictures.

Homemade Tin Man Costume

Homemade Tin Man Costume

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  1. My child is in an upcoming Wizard of Oz play and I would like to make this costume – can you please tell me how it was made?

    Thank you!


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