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Coolest Homemade Steven Q. Urkel Halloween Costume

This Homemade Steven Q. Urkel Halloween Costume came together last Halloween when I was invited to a costume party last minute but I hadn’t come up with a costume or any ideas. So I began to brainstorm to try to come up with something original. After a a bit of time had passed, I came up with a costume based on my high school nickname and an old television show of my time, Family matters’ Steven Q. Urkel! My nickname stemmed from my real name (Erik Palmer).

I thought it was a very original idea because in the past, I hadn’t seen anyone else attempt it.
So I Googled an image of Steve Urkle and got to work! I went digging through old boxes of clothes in the attic to find the striped shirt from my childhood. It was almost a perfect match. Then I went to my fathers closet and found the red suspenders, white high socks and brown shoes, to the basement to find an old work uniform for the khaki pants. I tried everything on to see how it went together. PERFECT! everything still fits.

But it needed more. I knew I might get myself in some trouble but considering it was Halloween, I thought it would be acceptable to paint myself with brown body paint and spray my buzz cut with black hair paint. The glasses were my normal reading glasses sitting on my desk. I used a piece of red wire for the string on the glasses.

I then ran to Walmart, after I had changed of course, and searched for a bowtie to match. All they had was black so I bought the black bowtie and a can of red spray paint. Everything came together great! I went upstairs and put on my costume and painted my body with the paint. As I’m walking down the stairs, just in time, my girlfriend is walking in the door to meet me so we could leave for the party. She looks up at me and started laughing hysterically! Then my parents both come to the steps to see what is so funny and they both begin to laugh with her.

It was great! I knew I had pulled it off just right! All night I was getting compliments at the party from random people telling me how great my costume was and how I had the best costume that night. It was a bit stressful pulling it all together on such a tight time but the compliments and laughs made it all worth it!

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