Coolest Steve Urkel Costume

My wife and I host an annual Halloween Party where from 30 to 50 of our adult friends show up in costume. This year will be our tenth year in a row. My wife loves going all out on the decorations. A couple of years ago, I decided to be Steve Erkel for a night. I could always impersonate the voice, laugh, and mannerisms. That year I decided to go all the way and dress up like him.

I had the idea,Steve Urkel Costume. She went to the Salvation Army and picked up the sweater, pants, and red bow tie, all for about $12.00. The red suspenders were purchased from the local Farm and Fleet for about $6.00. We borrowed the tube socks from her Dad. The shirt was recycled from an old costume. For the feet, I just removed the plastic cleats from my golf shoes. For the finishing touches, some brown Halloween makeup from Walmart and some red spray paint for an old pair of sunglasses (lens popped out).

Total investment, under $20.00. Total fun, priceless.

Steve Urkel Costume

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