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Coolest Homemade Star Costume

For this star costume, I started with a paper mache headpiece that had a wire base, one measured around the top of my head, another measured around my face. I joined them together with masking tape. Next I cut out triangular shapes of cardboard and taped them around the face part. I added one strip of cardboard to the back to make it more comfy.

To add dimension I added a bunch of crumpled paper bags, again taping them to the triangles, and started paper macheing all over (2 cups liquid starch from Walmart to 1 cup flour and 2 tbls. salt to prevent mildew)- about 4 layers. Dry overnight and paint and sparkle!

The cape is just fabric with a hole cut in the middle and draped over a graduation gown. I found a glittery sequin collar at the 2nd hand store. I used blue gloves and blue face paint. I also added some wire to which I attached blue tinsle to, but that’s not necessary.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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