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Coolest DIY Jupiter Halloween Costume

My son wanted to be Jupiter this year due to his huge craving for space, so we went ahead and made a DIY Jupiter Halloween Costume.

Step one was to buy a large beach ball. Then take flour and water and strips of paper ( we went to the local newspaper company and they had ‘end rolls” for $1) and layered the beach ball really well with many layers. Homemade paper mache. Let dry for a couple days & drill a hole 2 days later on top to let inside dry.

Once dried, I then measured out the diameter of my son’s neck, arms and torso to make circles, top- side & bottom and cut out circles with knife.
Cut the ball with a sharp knife down it’s middle for two halves. Painted to look like Jupiter and glazed with Modge Podge.

Drilled sew holes at the meeting points of the two halves and hand sewed Velcro tabs to make for easy connect (two at top above arms-shoulders and two sides below arms on bottom).

Then a finished product. Sorry didn’t take too many pictures.

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