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Coolest Homemade Spring Roll Costume for a Woman

I have never seen anyone make a female spring roll costume before so I thought this would be the perfect unique Halloween costume.


  •  foam
  • orange spray paint/fabric dye
  • velcro strips
  •  frosted shower curtain fabric
  • green tube dress

Drawing/cutting the shrimp:

On the flat foam, draw out 2-3 shrimp. Cut the shrimp out using a knife. Spray the shrimp orange. Spray orange stripes onto the foam shrimp. I used orange fabric dye in a spray version. Safety pin the shrimp. Use safety pins to pin the shrimp vertically onto the green tube dress. Cut the frosted shower curtain material. Wrap the frosted shower curtain material around you and adhere the two ends with Velcro tape. I got my shower curtain material from JoAnns Fabric store.

Voila! You are done! If you want you can make a headband that looks like peanut sauce. You can also make a male version of this and wear green shirt with green sweatpants and make it a large and long spring roll that goes down to your feet.

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