Cool Homemade Smurfette Halloween Costume

I needed a costume for a Halloween party, I always loved Smurfette and I figured I’d give a try to make a Homemade Smurfette Halloween Costume

The hardest part about the costume was getting the PERFECT Smurf blue. For my body I used white tights after dying them tiki blue. I then got regular white face paint and a little pastel paint in smurfy blue, and I mixed it. I only used that on my face.

I had the perfect white dress and got the smurfy shoes at a thrift store for 3.00. I made the smurf hat with some felt and stuffed it just so it fell perfectly. I sewed the hat onto my wig. I also had a little tail.

This costume was the easiest I made so far and the cheapest!!

Total cost was: $17.00.

I HAD a great time with this costume!

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  1. i’m going as smurfette this year and think you did a great job with the costume! i’m still looking around for the perfect dress – yours looks adorable!

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