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Easy Smurfy Couple Costumes

I love the Smurfs….then I thought how smurfy it would be to be Smurfette. I have the blonde long hair already.  Hmm I need a white dress, which I have a white sleeveless sundress already in my closet.  So I need a form fitting blue long sleeve shirt, blue leggings, blue gloves and a smurf plush hat.

The plush hat is a fun story. My kids and I like to fish for stuffed animals at those silly game machines at walmart.  There happened to be a smurf white plush hat in one.  First try I won it – 50 cents. The rest of the clothing I needed included a blue shirt, blue leggings, and  white heels  I found at thrift shops. Blue gloves and blue face paint I got at a Halloween store for five dollars.

Smurfette’s flower was another fun story, I was already for our Halloween event and my sister says’you are missing one important detail “Smurfettes flower”. Oh no! So she asked if I have any playdough since I have a 5 and 6 year old. Of course I do, so she makes the flower out of playdough.

I decided to pair me up with Gargamel: my husband.  It was pretty easy: Brown robe, Red shoes and socks, wizard wand, and a stuffed orange cat (Azrael’s) I got at a thrift shop. I took cream color duck tape sheet (I love all the different color and designs of duck tape – you can do so many things with them). Anyway I cut a square piece out and stuck it right on the robe. we bought the mask online for $8 and…BAM!

Most of the reaction were from the kids. Their eyes lit up when they saw Smurfette and it made me feel like a real movie star.  I started doing little hand and leg gesters like Smurfette does. They loved it. The adults thought we were pretty good too. Who would have thought to put Smurfette and Gargamel together as a couple? It went over really well. We won first place in the contest at our event!

Easy Smurfy Couple Costumes