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Coolest Homemade Showgirl Costumes

Breaking free from the ordinary costumes in a plastic bag, we wanted to own the night with a more exciting get up. The story begins with Raquel, Lola, and Bambi. Wrapped in feathered friends and merchandised from head-to-toe in sequins, these girls worked the stage on Halloween night.

These Homemade Showgirl Costumes are made from the finest in swimwear material to create the skirts. Elastic band detail, sequins and beads, and rooster dyed feathers were used to finish off the look of these Showgirls. The head pieces were made from a Styrofoam piece. I individually pushed silk pins into the Styrofoam after sliding on a bead and sequin to embellish the head piece. Then individual feathers were pushed into the top of the Styrofoam. I hot-glued and pinned the headband to the Styrofoam to complete the headpiece.

The skirts all have their individual look to resemble the personality behind each showgirl. Bambi’s yellow sequin bubble skirt has yellow boas attached to the backside to add flare to her derriere. Lola’s skirt showed off her amazing legs with a see-through pink side netting detail and boa fringe. Raquel’s skirt was embellished with cascading beads and sequins to match her shining top. And Voila! Show Me Showgirls!

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  1. This is by far the best costume I have seen on this website!!! These girls are dressed so cute!! The costumes, with their innovative design and appearance, will grab the attention of any person attending the same party as them! I love these costumes and am definitely doing this next year!!


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