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Coolest Homemade Rubik’s Cube Costume

This costume came to mind because my son got a rubix cube for Christmas last year, which was one of his simplest gifts and he ended up loving it the most. My husband and I decided to make him a rubix cube costume for Halloween.

It actually was real simple. We purchased the following supplies:
Black foam board(craft store)
Multi-color construction paper (craft store)
Hot glue gun (craft store)
Hot glue sticks (craft store)
Regular glue stick (craft store)
Box cutter (hardware store)

My husband then measured my son to see how big the shape of the rubix cube would be on him, made sure it wasn’t too big or too small for his frame. There would be three tiers to the costume that later would be glued together. He cut out a square 23″, the four walls measured 23″l and 81/2″w. He then glued the four walls with the square on top to form box. He then reinforced corner with scrap foam board so they wouldn’t come apart. He created three just alike.

A hole was cut out for his head on the top square, a hole wide enough for his waist & body on the other two squares. My husband then hot glued the three squares together. I had the construction paper cut at an office supply store in a 7×7 size. My husband then used a glue stick to paste the construction paper of each color on each tier of the rubix cube. We used a glue stick so that the construction paper wouldn’t get any bumps on it.

We totally loved it!! There is nothing like homemade costumes, he is so excited to go trick or treating!!

Homemade Rubik's Cube Costume

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