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Coolest Rubiks Cube Costume

This year I decided on a human Homemade Rubiks Cube Costume! I bought 10 x 30 foam core boards from Michaels arts and crafts store. I cut the boards in half using box cutter and used a hot glue gun to glue each piece together. Once each layer is constructed and glued together, you can begin creating the lines with black duct tape. Once the cosmetics of the costume are done you can start assembling the pieces together. In order to create a more realistic look, I made the cube appear twisted. The bottom two layers are screwed together with an electrical drill, and to hold it up we drilled holes into the bottom and middle layer of the boards and looped two shoe strings through them to go over my neck. It is essentially how a beer vendor carries his box around at baseball games. The foam core already came colored, except the purple, we used construction paper for that.

It took about 8-9 hours, it is very stressful and time consuming but definitely worth it! I entered two costume contests with it and won them both!

Homemade Rubiks Cube Costume

Homemade Rubiks Cube Costume

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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