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Coolest Homemade Roller Coaster Halloween Costume

For my Halloween costume last year, I had the crazy idea to be a Homemade Roller Coaster Halloween Costume! But not just the cart but the entire track as well! So I got together a ton of cardboard and created the most ridiculous costume I could have ever dreamed of making. Standing up, the costume would cover everything up to my torso, so it would look like little me was riding in the cart.

The coaster was themed to my college, School of Visual Arts (SVA). I added holes for little lights along the edges of both sides of the “hill” and painted the logos with glow-in-the-dark glue. The whole costume didn’t touch the ground, I supported it by wearing two elastic straps that attached the cart and bottom hill together. I also glued a safety bar to the front of the cart that I could also use to hold it up.

In the end I had so much fun making it and getting crazy stares from people on Halloween. Hope you all like it!

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