Coolest Homemade R2D2 Halloween Costume

This homemade R2D2 Halloween costume started off with a rubbermaid trash can.

The exterior details are foam, carved to different shapes and sizes. The legs have a PVC base with foam exterior. The feet are supported with the PVC and have caster-base electrical conduit boxes over them. The LED lights on the lid are from a bike tail light. The dome was painted a white base coat then blue, masked with tape then sprayed silver. To attach the foam, I used double-sided 3m tape and added duct tape to the back of the foam for more strength.

There was an MP3 player with speakers and an R2D2 sound clip but, unfortunately, that did not survive.

The total cost was about $35 and total time about four hours, including time allowed for the paint to dry. I used liquid nail to permanently attach the lid to the trash can. We were happy with the result and it held together, even after 2 costume parades and a rainy trick or treat night.

3 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade R2D2 Halloween Costume”

  1. Trying to make this costume, but CAN’T find the trash can!!! Even at the Rubbermaid website and other online stores. What store did you buy it from?

  2. I am looking for the Rubbermaid trash can also. Can’t find one in Ca. Have been to Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes.

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