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Coolest Homemade Post It Man Costume

Once again, I wanted to dress up as something less common for Halloween. This year I decided it would be fun to dress from head to toe in post-its. The Homemade Post It Man Costume is quite simple to make, but it does require a lot of time.

What you need:
-Around 800 post-its
-Two rolls of clear tape
-Pens or markers
-A shirt, pants and a ski mask
-Optional: Glasses, tie and briefcase for the business man look

All you need to do is take about 800 sticky notes, write catchphrases/quotes/whatever you want on them and tape them onto a pair of pants and a shirt. One strip of tape across the top of each note helps keep it from falling off. If the notes are popping up too much, a piece of tape along the sides helps keep them down. If you can’t think of enough things to write on the notes, start by adding a layer of blank notes and then fill in the holes with the ones you wrote on.

For the head, I used a ski mask with a large opening in the front and covered it with post- its, cutting out eye holes in the two notes that hung over my eyes. This covered my face but still allowed me to see the floor and breathe easily.

To finish it off, I added glasses and a tie to look like a businessman. (Similar to the post-it man from Office Space).

People will probably try and steal some notes from your costume, so it helps to have a stack of extras to fill in the holes. Make sure to keep some extra tape with you too.

This Homemade Post It Man Costume was an instant hit at Halloween parties. I won Most Creative Costume in a contest. Enjoy!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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  1. Awesome costume!!! Might work for a high school dress up day where they have to wear YELLOW!! Can you give me an idea of what your Post Its actually said? And perhaps some of the more popular ones that were a hit when people read them??




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