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Coolest Homemade Office Space Post It Guy Costume

Why try to make a statement with a costume when you can make 1000 statements? The Office Space Post-It guy… Sticky notes, duct tape, tie, briefcase, glasses, and patience.

Inspired by the DVD cover shot of the instant classic, Office Space, Post-It guy is loved by all. Topping the get-up with a note-filled briefcase seemed to take the costume up a notch or two. Although a bit warmer inside than anticipated, totally worth it. For the folks who recognize the guy from the movie, they love it, for the folks that don’t, they’re still loving’ it.

Combine with a few other Office Spaced-themed costumed friends to add to the effect. I also recommend trying to stay away from open flames while costume is being worn. Also probably a good idea to keep a poncho or trash bag nearby in case of rain.

Water + Sticky notes = Trouble, sticky trouble.

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