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Coolest Homemade Popeye Halloween Costume

My brother asked me to make him a Homemade Popeye Halloween Costume! So I brainstormed and came up with some really good ideas! We bought blue scrubs pants and I added a black trim to the bottom with hot glue.

We bought a black polo shirt to which I added a red felt collar with a black ribbon trim, and yellow felt buttons. I also trimmed the arms and bottom of the shirt with light blue ribbon. I made the pipe from a dowel and a wine cork that i painted to be a uniform color.

The arms were a pair of large footless pantyhose. They were cut so they could be worn like a shrug under his shirt. Once they were on his arms, we stuffed them with cotton stuffing and shaped them. Then we drew on the tattoo! He also brought a cup to the party that I fashioned to look like a spinach can so as he had something to drink it looked like he was eating spinach! I bought a can of Popeye brand spinach, removed the label and mod-podged it to a plastic cup. I spraypainted a circle of foamboard silver and drew lines to make it look like a lid of a can and hot glued it to the cup.

The hat was purchased, but some of the excess rope and adornments on it were removed! This costume was a hit, and I got so many people asking to use it for the next year!

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