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Cool Homemade Poison Ivy from Batman Costume

I wanted to be Poison Ivy for Halloween this year but I couldn’t find a decent costume anywhere so I decided to make a Homemade Poison Ivy from Batman Costume.

I bought a nude corset and made a simple skirt. I then bought a bunch of fake plants with different-sized leaves which compared with photos of actual poison ivy plants. I took some liberty, of course. I then pasted leaves on to the corset and skirt one by one. I had reddish leaves that I put mostly on the bust area.

I bought a great red wig online and made a headpiece out of ivy leaves. I hot-glued leaves on bobby pins to hold the headpiece on. I also attached ivy to my brown boots. I wore green tights. It took a very long time to make it. I couldn’t do it in one sitting. I also had to stretch the corset while I pasted the leaves so that, when I put it on and it stretched, the leaves would not be torn off.

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  1. I’m doing this as well for Halloween, I found a very simple little (and I do mean LITTLE) black strapless dress at Forever 21 for about $12.


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