Coolest Homemade Pirate Zombie Costume

Here is a costume that my 8 year old specifically asked to be, a homemade Pirate Zombie costume. We decided to look through some scrap clothes we had in this old box that we were going to scrap and found the perfect match for the outfit. With a little bit of shredding and adding webbing and plastic spiders we completed the “risen from the grave” look.

I took an old crochet tube top and pinned it into a beret shape and took some old mix brown yarn and chain stitched a make shift wig. I then sewed it to the homemade beret and then set it aside. I took some water based acrylic fabric paint and painted details of a partially ripped cheek to expose rotten teeth and other added details to give her the rotted look. I then added store bought Halloween makeup to bring out the details hoping to make it look realistic.

I then added the beret and a toy eye patch to finish the look. I noticed that she still needed more gore. I put some fake theatrical blood into a spray bottle and sprayed her down with it. She had a blast and received many comments at the town Halloween bash.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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