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Coolest Homemade Will Turner Adult Pirate Halloween Costume Idea

For this coat I traced the outline of my jacket for my Elizabeth Swan costume. This material was originally a trench coat from Goodwill. I had bought a shirt to modify but that turned out poorly. I had to removed the collar, sleeves and top and bottom pockets, this was very difficult, and if I had had more time and money I would have just started over from scratch w/regular fabric.

The most important part of this homemade Will Turner adult pirate Halloween costume idea is really the detailing on the jacket (see reference pic.). This would be extremely difficult and costly to really replicate. So my way to come up w/a reasonable facsimile that would give me the same look and feel was to use puffy paint. I did my best to sketch the design onto the coat using my reference pictures. This was especially difficult since 1.) My coat was not necessarily the same size as the coat shown, and 2.) The pics. had the belts on covering areas of the design. But I did what I could and was happy w/the results. If someone wanted to go a step further they could let the puffy paint dry partially and then gently press fabric or something else to give the paint the texture of fabric.

The buttons were a surprise cool thing. I was running low on time and was in a craft store instead of my regular fabric store. I picked up the buttons only to find out later they were stick buttons, with the back (like a pin), so I did not have to sew them on – huge bonus as I hate sewing buttons!

Beyond that it was really the details that make this outfit come together. My parents do Ren. Faire things and so the belt came from my dad as did the shirt. If you want to make your own belt, search under the term “Baldric” which is the name for the belt that holds a sword/gun.

To really give my hubby that “Will Turner” look we bought a hunk/gladiator wig (brown), and using spirit gum and hair from an old costume wig we added the mustache, goatee, and sideburns. And since my husband really has gorgeous blue eyes we even went the extra mile and got brown color contacts! But all the little touches really were worth it. Pants again were bought at Goodwill, great because they were flat front w/o pockets.

Reference Pic for Homemade Will Turner Adult Pirate Halloween Costume Idea

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