Pretty Hand-Crafted Peacock Costume

I made this Homemade Peacock Costume in about 2 weeks. I sewed on roughly 60-70 black feathers to the top of a dress that I got on sale at the mall. I made the tail using about 50 peacock feathers and a marabou folding fan. I made sure to keep the fan movable so I could wear the tail up or down. This was a pretty difficult task because the feathers made the fan a little bulky.

All the feathers made the fan into one solid piece that didn’t move, so I cut the fan in half so the 2 halves could fold one on top of the other when the tail was down. When the tail was up, I made little tabs with snaps to keep the 2 fan pieces together. There are also snaps that connect the tail to the straps on the back of dress for extra support. It’s held on by a string around my waist.

I also created a mask using feathers, rhinestones, ribbons, and a wooden dowel. It was hard work, but totally worth it!

2 thoughts on “Pretty Hand-Crafted Peacock Costume”

  1. i love your tail! i am finishing up my peacock costume for Halloween this year! you said that you were able to make the tail so you could move it up or put it down.. i want my tail to be able to do the same but I’m having a hard time figuring out how to do that! any info on how you managed to achieve that would be greatly appreciated!!! thanks!

  2. I’m being one this year and i only have 4 days left!!! I’ve been looking on this website 4 ideas and urs helped out!

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