This is how I made the coolest homemade Mystique Halloween costume:

1.  I cut out “scales” from blue craft foam. I used scrap booking punches and did some freehand cutting with scissors.
2.  I then used Fabri-Flex glue to glue the “scales” onto blue tulle fabric which were pre-cut to fit the areas I wanted to cover on my body.
3.  I painted 4-5 layers of blue liquid latex on each scale/tulle piece and let it dry on parchment paper it was easy to peel off later.
4.  I used Fabri-Flex glue and hand stitching to adhere the latex pieces to a blue unitard.
5.  I then dry brushed black fabric paint into the “valleys” between the scales and iridescent fabric paint on the tops of some of the scales to give dimension.
6.  For the feet I purchased bear claws (dance shoes) and modified them.
7.  Add contacts, liquid latex bumps on the face, red hairspray and blue face paint.