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Coolest X MEN Mystique DIY Costume

I decided I wanted to do something different this year…make a costume. I didn’t want just anything I can buy at the store so I started researching online. I wanted to go ALL OUT! I then found Mystique and I couldn’t get the idea out of my head! I knew however which way I would do the costume it was going to be time-consuming and pricey but I just couldn’t think of anything that would be cooler than to make a X MEN Mystique DIY Costume.

First, my best friend and I went shopping for supplies. The first place we went was to a dance store to try and find a blue unitard. I got the only blue full body unitard and it was MY SIZE! I was sooo lucky. I didn’t want to order one off line because you never know if it will be the right color or not.

Next step was to figure out what I was going to use for my face, arms, neck, upper back and feet. Blue paint or liquid latex. I decided to go with latex. I bought 4 8oz bottles of the blue liquid latex along with barrier and shine spray (which is used in the process).

I bought yellow contacts but I didn’t even use them because I couldn’t put them on. My eyes are so sensitive it’s even hard for me to wear make-up sometimes. I was a little disappointed but it turns out it looked good without them!

For the scales on the costume I used blue puff paint. I had to do one side at a time each day and let it dry over night. It took a few weeks. I then took a black permanent marker and drew black shadows around the scales to give them a 3D effect. It wouldn’t have looked nearly as cool if I had skipped that step.

Now the hard part was doing the actual latex. This took around 6 1/2 hours.

First we put lotion all over the places on my body where we were applying latex. Then, we sprayed the barrier spray to help the latex stick to me. We had to apply layer upon layer of latex and let each layer dry for about 15 minutes each. Meanwhile, I had to stand in the same position to keep from sticking to myself. It was quite uncomfortable.

After layer 2, we cut out blue craft foam pieces for the scales for my face, arms, back and neck. We covered them over with more latex. We did about 3 layers total.

After everything was dry we put on the shine spray which is used to seal the latex and keep it from sticking to itself. The costume was a HUGE success and it was a long process but in the end it was so worth it!




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