Coolest Homemade Muskateer Costume

I am a Musketeeress, as in a lady-musketeer! The sword I am holding inspired this Homemade Musketeer Costume idea. It is a souvenir that used to belong to my grandpa-in-law (my husband’s grandpa). I am not sure what he used to use it for, but this thing is not a fighting sword actually. It’s more like a giant letter-opener. Every time I would draw it out of its sheath, it got peoples’ attention!

So, the costume outfit is pretty in-expensive to put together. Top to bottom, I am wearing:
– black knee-high patent-leather boots
– black wide-bottom pants rolled up & pinned in place with safety pins
– black belt with ornate buckle
– white lace-up shirt
– black cape
– black hat, decked with gold trim & red ribbon tied into bows

I went into making this thinking that, except for the sword, it will just turn out humble-looking, but the amount of complements I received was surprising! Hope you like it too!

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