Coolest Homemade Mr. Krabs Costume from Sponge Bob

My grandson always wants to be something different than any other kid he knows. So he challenges me each year to make a unique costume. One year it was Sponge Bob. Last year, it was Patrick the starfish. This year he wanted to be Mr. Krabs! He sent a picture of him or I wouldn’t have had any idea what he looked like.

I made the head of the Homemade Mr. Krabs Costume from Sponge Bob from a triangle of 3/4 inch foam and covered it with material. The eyes were the hardest to make so that they would be stretched above his face. I used craft wire and covered it with nylon stockings which I painted green. Robbie would be looking out of the mouth.

The body had to be big and round, so I made a casing and inserted water tubing to keep a full stomach. I made the crab hands by sewing in a lining and filling the back with craft quilting. Some parts such as the belt buckle were painted on. I felt it turned out quite real and looked just like Mr. Krabs. He was totally excited about it and proud to be wearing something his Grannie made.

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  1. Will you make that same Mr. Krabs costume for my 5 year old? PLEASE!
    He is wanting to be Mr. Krabs SO badly.

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