Coolest Homemade Miss Piggy Costume

We always dress-up at my job. I work as a cook in a school cafeteria where we serve kids from kindergarten to high school. I enjoy seeing the smiles on the kids faces when they come to lunch to see the unexpected,such as a bunch of cafeteria ladies dressed in cool costumes. Since I always try to think outside the box, my idea for a Halloween costume this year was birthed simply because of a stuffed animal that was left behind by my granddaughter.

I got online and ordered a simple wig/nose combo for my miss piggy for less than ten dollars. Then in search of a dress that would be appropriate for school and would fit a size 16, sixty one year old grandma. While shopping with my ninety one year old mom who is also a very creative person, we found the perfect one at a thrift shop for five dollars. then while eating at the mall we spotted a cheap jewelry shop. one dollar earrings , three dollar necklace and a couple of one dollars rings. I was set. I researched how to do miss piggy eyes, perfecting it that morning.

I put on a beige top under my dress. Found some long gloves from my costume box and I was set.  I was so excited that I had an excellent costume for less than twenty dollars. I I love dressing up and I also love saving money. From the time I showed up to serve breakfast to the kids, I began to get smiles and lots of cool comments. Teachers and office workers came in to the cafeteria just to see miss piggy.

I kept Kermit near by to complete the look. I began to feel like a celebrity helping me to keep in character. Comments such as ” Is there pork on the menu”? and “Don’t pig out”! kept me smiling and made the day fun. I posted pictures on Facebook and even a week later people in town were complimenting me on my original costume.

Coolest Homemade Miss Piggy Costume

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