Coolest Homemade Mario Party Group Costume

I made this Homemade Mario Party Group Costume for our annual visit to Disney’s Halloween time at Californian Adventure.

My brother loves to play Super Mario Brothers on Super Nintendo game console (old school I the way to play) and I have wanted to make him a Yoshi costume for a while. So, better than let poor Yoshi stand all alone I decided to make the entire Mario Party.

Yoshi was one of the more complicated costumes. It is full bodysuit, gloves, and boot covers. It has a removable tail that was attached with snaps and could flip up to sit down. I put a wire inside the tail to that it would retain a stiff structure but wouldn’t hurt other people if Yoshi wasn’t paying attention to where he was walking. The headpiece covers his head but was completely open in front of the face. My brother has a head injury and cannot walk or see very well, so it was important that his vision not be obstructed. The nose piece was removable and fit kind of like the brim of baseball cap and did not block his sight. In the picture Yoshi is looking at the floor to show his nose.

Mario, Luigi, and Wario were pretty similar, they have similarly patterned overalls, hats, and boot spats in different colors. I had a lot of fun making the hats. I did not have a model to work off of, so it was a lot of trial an error to make the hats resemble the cartoon hats without being too exaggerated. Wario also has stuffing to make his belly more round.

Princess Peach and Princess Daisy were fun to make because it was a new challenge for me to make fitted clothing. Their crowns and jewelry is made out of polymer clay and craft foam.

The brown goomba in the front row is one of four goombas I made. They were interesting from an engineering perspective. To keep their round bottom shape I cannibalized the thin flexible wire from a pop-up laundry hamper. They were by far the most comfortable to wear.

Bowzer was the hottest costume. He features a full body suit and headpieces that does cover his whole face with eye holes in the mask. What is not visible in the picture is his shell with horns made of pillow stuffing and upholstery foam.

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